Plastic Engineering

At the Plastic Center we have been manufacturing specialist components from all types of plastic materials for more than 30 years. We canturn, screw, cut, mill, drill almost any type of component in almost any type of plastic material, from one offs to the hundreds or thousands. Talk to one of qualified engineers and or machinists to help turn “Your Plastic Idea into Reality”

The Plastic Center also has the unique ability to mould PTFE (Teflon) billets from 25mm diameter to 300mm diameter in Virgin PTFE, Glass filled PTFE, Graphite Filled PTFE, Carbon Filled PTFE and Bronze Filled PTFE. Many of these tubes can be produces to your size requirement or specifically to produce a certain product size, thus eliminating material waste.

Our plastic engineering services:

  • Plastic turning, milling and drilling
  • Plastic cnc machining

Typical uses of our plastic machined components:

  • Industrial water, chemical and pressure chambers
  • Industrial piston, gears, O rings, bushes amd wear pads.
  • Seals
  • Handles and Knobs
  • Electronic and telecommunications equipment
  • Medical, scientific and testing equipment
  • Marine and yachtin compnents