Personal Protection Screens

Here at Plastic Center, we supply custom designed and manufactured Personal Protection Screens, in hard wearing clear acrylic. Screens are manufactured to suit reception areas, checkouts, cashiers, or any place where staff and customers, require protection. Social Distancing Screens, provide hygiene security to help you comply and the meet the needs of the current Social Distancing Regulations.

Plastic Center can also offer free-standing clear acrylic screens, which can be easily self-installed, using double sided tape or clear silicon.

Free standing Personal Protection Screens are manufactured in a number of different designs and come in 3 standard sizes

Small: 600 mm (w) x 800mm (h) x 200mm (return)

Medium: 800mm (w) x 800mm (h) x 200mm (return)

Large: 1000 mm (w) x 800mm (h) x 200mm (return)

Opening at the screen base is 400 wide x 200 high which allows for script baskets, purchased items etc, to be passed through the screen, as well as EFTPOS payment facilitating.

Screen heights, widths and openings, can be varied to suit individual requirements.

Protection Screens Examples



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